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What are the filing requirements for a
dormant company?

Annual accounts | Debitam
Annual accounts

The dormant company accounts shall include only balance sheet and relevant notes. It needs to file its accounts within 9 months from accounting reference date (ARD).

Annual confirmation statement | Debitam
Annual confirmation statement (Annual return)

It is filed to confirm that the key company details like company's name, registered office address etc. in the records with Companies House are up to date and accurate. It needs to be filed within 12 months from the accounting reference date (ARD).

Dormant Accounts Filing | Debitam

Is there any prescribed format for preparing the accounts and confirmation statement of a dormant company?

Yes, the annual company accounts have to be prepared in the format prescribed by Companies House, which includes both the figures as well as the notes.

Dormant Accounts Filing | Debitam

What if the accounts and confirmation statement are not filed properly, or simply get delayed?

If the accounts are not filed with Companies House on time, then you may be penalised with an amount starting from £150 which can go upto £1,500.

On the other hand, non-filing of confirmation statement is a criminal offence and may lead to serious consequences, such as compulsory strike off from the companies house register.

Dormant Accounts Filing | Debitam

How do I comply with above?

If you go for our dormant company full compliance package, whenever the filings are due, we will be taking care of the preparation and timely submission of the accounts and confirmation statement to Companies House. Our team shall also be available to cater to all your queries relating to dormant accounts.

Dormant Accounts Filing | Debitam

What do you need from me to get all this done?

You need to provide us with your 6-digit alphanumeric authentication code for filing both, accounts and confirmation statement. Further you need to simply confirm:

  • Whether there were any transactions in the accounting year for which accounts are to be filed? and
  • Whether there have been any changes in key details of the company, for the purpose of confirmation statement?

What if I have questions and need advice before I make my mind?

You have access to our dedicated team of tax experts who would be happy to help with any
query. These are professionals with years of experience in dealing with Companies House and
HMRC. We even offer 10 minutes of absolutely free initial advice.

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