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We know that sole traders, freelancers and business owners often have a limited budget to afford a full record of accountancy support and they tend to do much of the bookkeeping themselves by using Cloud Accounting Systems. Now, with the introduction of Making Tax Digital, it is now more of an obligation to maintain record in the format ready to report to the HMRC. We here at Debitam offer full bookkeeping services for quarterly reporting of your financial statements and VAT return.

Already using a bookkeeping software?

No need to worry, you can always feed your system with our accountants' information. Back up your software with our experts' experience!. We can assist you with

  • Preparation of VAT Returns by using MTD compatible software
  • Submission to HMRC
  • Invoice creation for your customers
  • Tax advisory
  • Bank Reconciliation (Accountancy secretarial admin)
  • Generating Financial Reports

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Bank reconciliation

Keeping your record of transactions in a tax year is one of the major challenges that you are likely to face once you start your own business. SME owners often face conflicts with HMRC over bank reconciliation issues. When you fail to address a VAT promptly (such as late application for registering your VAT to HMRC) or have some errors in submitting to HMRC, you will be subjected to highly significant penalties. To avoid such extra financial burdens let us take care of your financial record tracking as part of the VAT & Bookkeeping service before things go from bad to worse.

Bookkeeping & VAT Services for Small & Medium Businesses
Say goodbye to non-MTD Software

According to HMRC's Notice 700/22 and 18/07/2018 dated “Making Tax Digital” initiative, all businesses exceeding the VAT threshold (£85K per year) needs to submit their VAT returns to HMRC via functional compatible software.

Now HMRC is planning to introduce MTD for Income Tax Self-Assessment for individuals having annual turnover of more than GBP 10,000. This means that quarterly reporting of transactions will be required to help HMRC estimate annual tax bill. With this, an extra responsibility to maintain proper bookkeeping is on the taxpayer.

As our motto suggests we at Debitam use cutting edge technology to deliver you the most updated service, therefore we make use of MTD compliant software when preparing your VAT returns and making your submission to HMRC. Our experts are fully proficient in handling your MTD compliance. To find out more, contact us.

Generating financial reports

“Accountants with technology, tax & business advisors” is our motto. As we will never stop making use of the latest technology to help your business grow, we can be of your assistance by customising your financial reports by using cutting edge software. So that when your Year End Accounts deadline comes, you will be ready to make your filing with our expert's help.

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