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Business Loan Calculator - Debitam
Business Loan Calculator

Find out how much business loan can you borrow by using our loan calculator in seconds. Also, take a look at recovery loan scheme and non-essential business loans.

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Child Benefit Calculator - Debitam
Child Benefit Calculator

Use our calculator to find out how much high-income child benefit charge you will get. Also, take a look at Child Benefit Tax Charge.

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Dividend Tax Calculator - Debitam
Dividend Tax Calculator

Use our latest updated dividend tax calculator 2022/23 and find out how much tax you will pay out of director dividends this year. Don`t forget to check our blogs What are Dividends and latest news on Spring Budget 2022 Dividends updates.

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Salary Tax Calculator - Debitam
Salary Tax Calculator

Check our Salary Calculator to find out your actual earnings and start saving money. Once you use our calculator, you can contact one of our experts to have a deeper insight.

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Stamp Duty Calculator - Debitam
Stamp Duty Calculator

If you are buying for the first time, moving or purchasing additional property or land in England or N. Ireland you`ll have to pay stamp duty land tax with the current threshold of £125,000. By simply entering the property price you can find out how much stamp duty land tax you`ll pay here.

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Capital Gain Tax Calculator - Debitam
Capital Gain Tax Calculator

Have you made a profit from crypto, property or salary? Use our capital gains tax calculator to work out how much tax you owe. Contact us if you're unsure about the amount of CGT owed and we can help calculate it for you.

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Capital Gain Tax Calculator - Debitam
Business Mileage Tax Calculator

Calculate your business mileage for the last quarter of 2022
The best way to track business mileage. It`s easy to use and fast - it can be completed in just a few seconds.

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