HMRC VAT - Check of VAT return - Claim for repayment of VAT

What the notice is about?

This is a verification notice from HMRC to check upon your VAT claims made in the returns and process them further. This requires you to submit more information to HMRC, supporting your refund claim with evidences.

What is claim of repayment of VAT?

Usually under cases where your inputs are higher than the output liability, a refund of excess taxes paid is due & such reclaim is called claim of repayment of VAT.

How to action?

  • Visit & search ‘Send details to support your VAT repayment claim’
  • Login the gateway account using your credentials
  • Complete the online form & attach evidence as asked.

What you might need?

Some of the information which you might need to submit, differing through each case, could be -

  • VAT rates that apply to your sales
  • Details of VAT schemes you use
  • Your 5 highest purchase invoices
  • Your VAT account and workings
  • Bank statements
  • export/import invoices or supporting documents
HMRC VAT - Check of VAT return - Claim for repayment of VAT | Debitam

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