HMRC Corporation Tax - Notice to Deliver a Company Tax Return

What the notice is about?

It is a reminder notice from HMRC to file a corporation tax return (CT600) in order to avoid potential rise in penalties and escape disciplinary actions.

What is a corporation tax return?

It's a record of incomes earned, expenses incurred, allowances, reliefs and most importantly the tax figures payable to HMRC.

Who needs to action it?

All companies, whether dormant or active, reporting profits or losses, needs to action on such a notice.

What is the deadline to file this return?

You get 12 months to file tax return from the end of company's accounting period. So each company's deadline would be different, unlike self-assessment return where there is a fixed deadline of 31 January.

What are penalties on avoidance of filing tax returns?

A one day delay from deadline would attract penalty of £100, another £100 would be accumulated if the delay is made up to 3 months. Any further details would add up a percentage of corporation tax bills to the total penalties. Note: Three consecutive delayed returns would make penalties rise by a 5 times multiplier.

HMRC Corporation Tax - Notice to Deliver a Company Tax Return | Debitam

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