Simple Assessment Tax Calculation

What the notice is about?

This notice contains HMRC’s calculation of your income, tax and amounts owed as a result of an assessment of your income based upon the real time information on their records.

What is simple assessment?

This kind of assessment was introduced to ease the process for taxpayers, where HMRC themselves calculated tax on incomes of taxpayers, and is generally used where HMRC have already received all the required information for income determination, needed to calculate the taxpayer’s liability. This helps save time which might be spent on completing a detailed self-assessment tax return by taxpayer.

What to do next?

Check the figures on this calculation and agree these figures to information on your records. You might take help from HMRC agent or engage a professional tax adviser to understand these figures in more detail.

What if you agree with the calculations?

You must pay by either:

  • 31 January - for any tax you owe from the previous tax year
  • Within 3 months of the issue date, if you got your letter after 31 October.

What if you disagree with the calculations?

If you think the figures in your calculation are incorrect, contact HMRC to let them know the incorrect figures as well as the correct figures in place of them, within 60 days.

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