National Insurance Contributions: The deadline is Extended to 2025!

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The government has announced an extension to the National Insurance Contribution (NIC) Class 3 contributions, allowing taxpayers more time to pay for an additional state pension. This deadline has been extended from July 31, 2023, to 2025 for hundreds of thousands of people who qualify.

The extra two years will allow that planning retirement to top up their state pension and fill in any gaps in their NI contributions. As a result, these individuals are likely to receive more state pensions than they would have prior to the extension.

By providing additional time to pay for the extra state pension, the government aims to alleviate any financial stress of making those payments and helping more people retire with greater security. The new state pension can provide significant benefits for those receiving it, including a guaranteed amount for life and increased protection from inflation.

By extending the deadline to 2025, the government is giving taxpayers more time to secure their future state pension payments and helping them plan for retirement in the best possible way.

How much National Insurance Contributions to Qualify for State Pension?

To qualify for the state pension, you are usually required to have made at least 10 years of National Insurance Contributions. However, with the new extension in place, those who only have eight years of contributions will be able to receive a pro-rated state pension based on their NI contributions.

The amount that an individual can receive from their state pension depends on their age and gender. The government has set the rate for females at £179.60 per week, and males at £137.60 per week.

For more information on how to qualify for a state pension, visit GOV.UK or contact your local benefits office.


The two-year extension to the deadline for National Insurance Contributions is fantastic news for hundreds of thousands of people who are planning to retire. This extra time could mean they receive more state pension than before and can better plan for their future.

Dave Jangid | Debitam By Dave Jangid |
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