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Personal Tax Return

Do I need to file a
Personal Tax Return?

The question of whether or not you must file a self-assessment tax return is a common one. Basically, the answer is yes if any of the following applies to you:

  • You are a director of a company.
  • You are receiving a rental income.
  • You are self-employed.
  • You are a partner in a business
  • You are in receipt of additional income as well as your PAYE (or employment) salary.
Self-Assessment Return (SA100) to HMRC

How do I file my
Self-Assessment Return (SA100) to HMRC?

Whilst it's a self-assessment return it needs to be handled carefully, as it requires accurate tax calculations and completion of the correct forms. Failure to do this may lead to queries (or even rejection) from HMRC, which could lead to further difficulties. Our team of tax experts can take this pain away from you and deal directly with HMRC on your behalf.

Can I Get a Tax Refund?

Can I Get a tax refund?

If you suspect that you have paid too much tax, perhaps in the form of CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) or in fact any other; then yes, we would welcome the opportunity to help you achieve this. Having done this for numerous recent clients, we have the right blend of expertise and experience in order to ensure a seamless process and to maximise success.

Personal Tax Return

How much time do you
need to file my personal tax return?

Ordinarily, it takes just 2-3 working days in order to prepare and file your tax return; assuming you have supplied us with all your required information of course.
In many cases we can also offer a same day service too, if required. We charge a small fee on top of our standard charges for this though. Deadlines are not a problem for our team of proficient tax accountants, as they utilise the latest available technology in order to facilitate this.

What information do you need to process my Tax Return?

What information do you
need to process my tax return?

To file your self-assessment return we will need just 3 things; your basic income details, your personal tax UTR number and your personal details. On the basis of the income details that you provide, we prepare the return calculations. The next step would be for us to present the calculated figures to you. Once you are satisfied, we then prepare your SA100 return (and other additional forms if required) and file it to HMRC on your behalf.

Also, we can provide tax-planning advice too, just to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your return.

What if I have questions and need
advice before I make my mind?

You have access to our dedicated team of tax experts who would be happy to help with any query. These are professionals with years of experience and have dealt with thousands of taxation matters involving HMRC.

We even offer 30 minutes of absolutely free initial advice (no hard sell, we promise, no one likes that). We would only progress to the next step once you are happy.

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