What’s a CS01 Form?

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What is Confirmation Statement CS01 Form

A CS01 form is a Companies House form that is used to update changes in your company to the Registrar of Companies. This form must be completed and submitted to Companies House along with the appropriate filing fee in every 12-month review period.

What's a confirmation statement?

A confirmation statement, also known as a CS01 form, is the annual review that companies house requires all companies and separate legal entities to submit within 14 days of the end of the 12-month review period. This confirmation date differs for each company and is set when Companies House registers the business formation. The confirmation statement must contain information about the company address, nature of business, share capital, directors, and shareholders, as well as confirmation of any changes to this over the previous year. Therefore, by submitting this form annually, companies provide a clear public record of their activities and can effectively manage their legal duties with Companies House.

What's CS01 Form Used For?

CS01 forms are essential for keeping companies up to date with Companies House. Being a company director you will be required to complete the CS01 form to report changes related to the company address, nature of business (SIC code), share capital, and shareholder details to the Companies House. Know your responsibilities and duties being a company director in detail. The CS01 form needs to be signed by a director and submitted in order for the company to remain up-to-date with its legal obligations and comply with the requirements of Companies House.

Late CS01 Form Penalties

Filing a confirmation statement, or CS01 form is incredibly important for all companies registered in the UK. Failure to submit your confirmation statement on time can lead to large fines from Companies House due to legal compliance regulations. It's important for these requirements not to be overlooked as failure to comply can result in significant consequences for the business and its owners, resulting in a ban being imposed on the directors.

What Happens If You Fail to File CS01 Form?

If you do not file a confirmation statement, your company could be struck off the register and dissolved.

Failing to submit a confirmation statement can be costly for companies. If not filed and kept up-to-date, Companies House will usually take action and strike off the company from the company's register – leading to the dissolution of the company! So make sure you keep on top of filing your confirmation statement with Companies House each year.

Filing a confirmation statement is a legal requirement for all companies in the UK.

Filing a confirmation statement is part of a company's legal obligations in the UK. Companies must do this each year to confirm the accuracy of all their submitted information held with Companies House, for example, the registered office address, directors, and shareholders. The confirmation statement is important as it ensures that Companies House holds accurate information, potentially helping to act as a deterrent against fraudulent activities such as creating 'shell' companies. Failing to submit or submit inaccurate confirmation statements carries serious penalties, ranging from steep fines to imprisonment; so it is essential that companies comply with filing requirements.

A confirmation statement is a document filed with Companies House that confirms the information held about a company is up to date and accurate. The CS01 Form is the form used to file a confirmation statement with Companies House. You must file a confirmation statement at least once every 12 months. If you do not file a confirmation statement, your company could be struck off the register and dissolved. Filing a confirmation statement is a legal requirement for all companies in the UK. The consequences of not filing a confirmation statement can be serious, so it's important to make sure you stay on top of this requirement. File your confirmation statement now.

Dave Jangid | Debitam By Dave Jangid |
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