Still Online Account Filing, but bolder, newer, stronger: DEBITAM

Dave Jangid | Debitam By Dave Jangid |

Move out the way, Online Account Filing has a new name! Drumroll, please…. DEBITAM! A unique name for a unique company.

What does DEBITAM mean?

DEBITAM means “DUE” in Latin and DUE to our quick turnaround, we have been a popular service for those who need to avoid OVERDUE accounts and consequences coming with it, in past years.

Why We Are Changing Our Name?

As a company, we have always set out to stand out from the crowd, from the services we offer to the delivery from all our employees ensuring our customers receive the best service possible. So why can’t our names be the same? Online Account Filing has served us and you well for nearly 4 years explaining our services and what we do to over 14,000 of our customers, but it is now time for a change.

Pandemic has caused some essential changes and we know for a fact that you expire unless you aspire, therefore as a young team who believes in change, evolvement, and essentially progress, we have decided to REBRAND our service provider as DEBITAM!

Debitam is simple yet memorable, helping us to establish a unique identity for our services and the overall brand. No more confusion with our similarly named competitors, Debitam, and our 4.9-star rating on Trust Pilot will be easily identified as the company you have come to know and love.

Existing Clients

Online Account Filing

Our existing clients should not worry as we will let you know all by email, but please bear with us as it will take some time to get round to all 14,000 of you! Other than our name not much else is currently changing, we still have the same logo, our service will continue to work the same way, and you will still have your dedicated accountant and account manager helping you with all your accounting needs. Our website is now but currently, you can still google Online Account Filing to find us.

Still Online Account Filing but bolder, newer, stronger: DEBITAM

What do you think of our name change? Go to our LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram to give your feedback!

Dave Jangid | Debitam By Dave Jangid |
Note: Please note that the content of the above blog and the aforementioned information are solely for the purpose of awareness and are informative in nature. The content is designed with intent to ease the understanding while preserving the essence and importance of the compliance rules and shall not be considered as an ultimate replication of the rules. Debitam does not own any responsibility whatsoever for any unpleasant event that may arise due to the misinterpretation of a specific part or whole of the information.

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